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Mike Scarpa

Born in Melrose MA Michael grew up with music playing or his mom singing everyday which he is  sure inspired his love for music.

As a kid he watched his two older brothers, Nick ( who has been in many bands playing guitar, drums, and keyboard  ) and Bob ( who plays acoustic guitar and harmonica), and when he was older Nick bought Michael a Bass guitar, teaching him how to play  and asking him  to join him in his band  " Monsoon Drift " ( Later to be shortened to " The Drift " ) where we played places like the Summit Club (now Capone's) in Peabody and other local venues as well as a few outdoor concerts. 

Michael really enjoying playing the Bass but he loved singing and it took  on a whole new meaning for him and he  began to practice more and more lead vocal parts.  He took a break for some years after " The Drift " until he met Randy Hawkes through his  brother and sister-law Amy who were playing with him at the time and was asked to play bass with him in " The Brass Ring."  Playing at places Like The Horse Shoe , The Shanty , Best Western in Keane NH & White River Junction VT.,  Newton Marriot , Jeremiah's , Porthole , Blue Note, and many more .

As a member of the Brass Ring  he learned to run the sequencing keyboard system and was able to perform in both the full 5 piece band as a bass player and a two or three piece working with Amy as a duet or with two of the former Platters as a trio ( Also referred to as " Oreo " by some ) . 

With the love of singing and performing now a constant presence within Michael, when the band days ended he decided to host a karaoke show which morphed into " Not Your Average Karaoke " so he could continue to sing, perform, and bring some pleasure and fun to the down time of others who loved to sing as well.

While Hosting at Archie's Little River Ale House he was asked to do a Sunday solo singing gig which became " Sunday Night Cocktails & Dancing W/ Mike and Friends."
During Mike's time singing in the Karaoke world  he met  Joey D  and  Julie, and as a host he met his wife Angela.  Over the years we have all become very close friends so when the opportunity arose to get together and perform as the vocal Group " FLASH DRIVE " there was no question about it for Michael.