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Julie  DiThomas

Beverly, MA girl all the way, but in a previous life, had been spotted on all four corners of the great USA, tooling down the open road in a VW, windows down, blond hair blowin’ in the breeze, singing along with the radio (of course), with a young one in the back seat helping mom sing.  Julie has an extensive background in musical productions and choirs. I want to thank Jimmy D for introducing me to my main man Joe (see Joe DiThomas). 

Like Joe, Julie is a former member of Blue Moon (female lead singer) and like Joe when the opportunity to form the vocal group FLASH DRIVE with her good friends Mike and Angela presented itself there was no thinking about it … we just jumped in with both feet!  Music is the passion.  Seeing people move to a song we are performing is the ultimate high! We are trying  to keep it upbeat and fresh and are always thinking of new venues.   Definitely looking to see where our adventure takes us!