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Joe DiThomas

Like so many of us, Joey D was introduced to music at home with his family at a very early age. There was always music playing, someone was always singing something. Joe always had the passion to sing; music runs pretty deeply in his family. Brother’s Jim and John are both very accomplished multi-instrument guys, who are either in, or are former band members themselves. On occasion, brother John will grab Joe for a guest appearance in a band that John plays in called   Tony Gallo & White Lightnin’.  John plays a nasty trumpet in Tony’s band. Busy life for sure, but it all comes back to music. Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, C.S.N. & Young, and the beat goes on and on.

There is just so much good stuff out there waiting to learn!  Been everywhere to sing, waiting to be discovered - ha ha! Joe started out in The Tanner City competition, and also sang with We Are America.  Brother John (director) collared him for choir practices and he has also done some work in community television, both in productions and singing.  Joe was also the male lead singer for Blue Moon.  

Not one to let any moss grow, the opportunity for a new project with close friends presented itself  and FLASH DRIVE was born. The vocal group has a lot of fun with music and we are constantly tweaking our sets with  particular venues in mind. Hard work, yes, but when you get under the lights and we kick it up, people start movin', and for me, that's all I need.   I just wanted to say thank you, to all of you who come out and support FLASH DRIVE and local music in general. That is why we perform. That is our passion. Kind of makes the world a little better, don’t you think?